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Knitting Leap from the first day it was founded, which was established in 2000 to follow the latest technologies with the addition of a continuous dynamic new machine has a production line, production began only in the domestic production of fabrics for clothing industry, outdoor clothing, home textiles, technical textiles and manufacturing for the medical industry in the adding that appeal to a wide range of products and has become a firm sector. Continuous self-renewal and collections issued during the year to represent our country and abroad participated in the exhibitions that took place not only products, and time tables of each trend in the collections of the fair has become a firm sought. All products are produced in parts of the production equipment and advanced technology, spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing processes used in all phases of each chapter are his own laboratory quality control. These laboratories every kind of raw, semi-finished, finished product is capable of analyzing. Total quality approach, investing in people, technology, followed closely, the roots strong and moving confidently into the future Leap Knitting, technologically equipped R & D and design departments to follow the ever-changing world trends, appropriate colors and designs to create their own fashion, to make unlimited mesh with a leading company in the world can offer.

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