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From Date : 14/08/2012
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Be beneficial to people with modern medicine and alternative medicine and medicinal plants with the purpose of spices has been established for the sale of retail and wholesale. Later in the process may be useful to people in the development of modern medicine and alternative medicine herbs and spices production, collection and packaging issues has extended its activities. In this process, as a company goal of providing people with the highest level of quality and trust operations under three topics: quality and trust, a company based on the retail sale of medicinal herbs and spices, medicinal herbs and spices, with the purpose of wholesale expanded and continues to expand. For the purpose of our company is a manufacturer and consumer ortaklılğında kuruluşdaki our products to protect human health and food security, to provide continuity of confidence in our products, product quality, caring, and herb better educate our employees to follow closely related to the profession as a developing technology, people rely on us as a cleaner in Istanbul Spice get used to carry a smiling face and high quality products.

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