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PLAST-MET group of companies, both in 1987 and began its activities in Istanbul-Ümraniye today, and the other has been at the factory in Bursa, a total of 3. Continuously updated technology and has been servicing its customers with expert staff of experienced, customer-focused service and the most accurate way with the principle of fulfilling your requests as soon as possible. Assigned to the leading position in all sectors has its operations PLAST-MET current projects, and completing the projects in a timely and complete case against changes in the industry's leading position in the rapid aksiyonlarla with each passing day.
PLAST-MET today one of the essential quality management systems ISO 9001-2000 and ISO / TS 16949:2002 quality certificates and all its activities in accordance with the requirements of these systems has been described.
PLAST-MET group of companies mainly in the automotive industry, white goods and electrical-electronic sectors, continues to serve.
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