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From Date : 14/10/2012
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Since first day of the establishment of ARENEXPORT INTERNAL TRADE, MARKETING, EXPORT, CONSULTING AND BROKERAGE it started to carry out the vision and presentation of excellent, quality service and goods portfolio to the valued client without any interruption, based on the ethique and trade values according to its strict responsibility principles.
Combining the experience of production, marketing and foreign trade, the new constitution has brought the developing movement options in global markets.
Arenexport still being a young and fortunate enter ship as manufacturer and represantative of adding new goods and services has changed the present perspective inwhich the industrial areas beyond its horizons.
Arenexport presents the respectable possibility of bringing the new market horizons to its manufacturer and importer partners, opening the global market doors.
Actually, Arenexport deals with providing active outsourcing, intera gent services about furniture, steel doors, inner doors, furniture accessories, food & ingredients.
Arenexport has the mentality of rising Turkish import goods' competition power and chances in global markets using the tools of expanding amount of Turkish import goods, in believing the sinergy of cooperation for solving the potential problems ahead, for overwhelming the barriers and sharing the mutual benefits.
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