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From Date : 07/11/2012
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Yes, this day MACHINE sector UGUR katedip best way to become a leader in the true sense. Both commercial volume and production volume and consequently as a result of its service to all our customers around the world has reached a very advanced level. I started out as the goal of our presentation is everything yes, true, principled and honest service, yes. UGUR MACHINE his new investments in 2007 and 2008 further expanded the production area as an area of ​​13 600 m2 closed production machine manufacturing division amounted to 17.600 m2 with 4000 m2 of additional investment. However, even stronger every day and our team of R & D and product development projects as well as more specific yaklaşabilmekte project implementation, furthermore is able to produce much more detailed solutions. Technologies used in the production of the day to keep up with constantly SOLIDWORKS software programs and machine designs are detailed to the finest detail. Manufacturing section of the existing CNC machines, laser cutting units and as a continuation of large-capacity presses presses, CNC machines, and the sector is not no manufacturer's and Turkey's largest machine park, we participated in the production of the new laser cutting line. In this way, given good service to the customers of the miller was confirmed once again. Increasing demands of our customers and to go along with customer satisfaction as a result of integration with an organization that responds to the demands for the production of pasta, we have entered into

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