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From Date : 07/11/2012
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Decision, implementation, promotion, service, maintain and continuity of this chain to provide the professional sense, institutionalization requires acute and Hemodialysis, Transplantation and Oncology areas of operations, we trust to continue. Innovative and creative team constantly improves its knowledge, expanding product range is directly proportional to the development of technology, marketing and sales as well as installation, application, training, maintenance, repair, and spare parts and project consultancy, considerable infrastructure investments and qualified TEKGRUP "this exist in the sector say, "is a veteran of Business Ethics and Business Policy Kuruluşu ever" Fair Trade "path chosen, without compromising the carrying out of this policy, to protect the image of an honest and committed to ask for the implementation of this policy by employees of the same. In a single group, regardless of location, and no one can not deviate from this policy, adopts the following principles: Commercial activities, integrity, honesty, justice, and to comply with the generally accepted principles of morality, not to compromise on quality in goods and services, the sale of goods and services, customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of the needs of purpose to obtain and sell goods and services to other companies without compromising the principle of honesty and integrity against. In accordance with the needs and expectations of our customers to create a surplus value, "Unconditional Customer Satisfaction" is our first priority to meet. Sales and after-sales services and provide support for our customers is our duty to be there. Development of our sources and provide "better" reach to the goal. Rational use of resources by providing all the resources our activities by creating and realize the necessary investments, so the quality of service to accelerate the continuous improvement of performance and sources. Maintain and strengthen our company's image is always our goal to be a leader. Is one way of TEKGRUP continuity. The right customer the right product and service, with the right prices at the right time, the right channel by offering sales and service, we ensure continuous service after the sale.

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