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From Date : 07/11/2012
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Formet Steel Door industry with over 15 years experience in the corporate structure of the company has completed. 23 000 m2 closed area of ​​30.000 m2 realizing our production. The annual production capacity is 120 000 pieces. Our expert 120 staff, technicians, engineers and R & D department of transportation strive guarantee customers the highest quality products at the best price. Our products are patented, and the design and development of technical R & D carried out by the department. The production has been carried out in accordance with ISO-9001 quality management processes are certified uluslaraası. Our products are sold in over 500 points in almost every corner of Turkey. Formet its way to becoming a global brand, products, export efforts gaining speed, can be reached in several locations throughout the world. Uncompromising commitment to quality have the self-confidence to fulfill the promise that modernized aesthetic dream of every house door, steel door Formet; • Certification standards, provided the brand becoming a nightmare for all the reformed thief locks and user comfort are guaranteed for 5 years manufacturer and seller of the recipient by the company even after installing fees be returned without showing any reason when using the present beğenilmediği sold door to warranty. • The annual production capacity of 60,000 units in the coming years with a team of Formet growing with each passing day that the number of units, removing the target of 360 000 years. • in more than 154 branch offices and dealer network throughout the country with the principle that the principle of customer satisfaction Formet Formet determined the name of the trust created thereby. • For us, the best three-door brand in Turkey have engaged in production at the moment you meet one of these three brands. For our part, we were very pleased.

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