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From Date : 07/11/2012
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Water and gas infrastructure systems, which set out in 2005 with the production of pipe attachments NTG injection molded products since 2006 offers industry-PE100. The highest quality level, reliable and internationally competitive manufacturing approach in the coming years with 5 years of experience and knowledge acquired NTG t take more advanced. Since its inception, NTG has ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certificate generation has adopted international standards. EN, DIN, TSE 15,555 to 3, and from 12,201 to 3 main standards of the relevant production and exports 65% of production is exported to significant improvement in a position today reached. TSE, DVGW, TZW, GOST and quality certifications from various countries and with product registration NTG, aimed to increase its recognition in the world market. By the end of 2009 the number of countries in the sales representation in 13 countries by over 30. NTG with an in-house mold manufacturing is to meet the new requirements as soon as possible. By adopting customer-focused work is achieving a respectable place in the industry as well justified. As of the present location in Turkey is not alone in the world market compared to its competitors in the same sector reached an important product line. Projects, so they will not end the demands of the customers of new products as well as real-NTG to respond to these demands by expanding the range of products is intended, in fact. Team work, effective quality control system, to stand side by side with the client, on time and at an acceptable cost to be alone and to go further forward, all employees of the NSG adopted just a few of the issues. Our customers from NTG and NTG always accustomed to receive news of new products in the coming years will continue this feature on and fitting offers a new and improved products to the market will be.

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