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From Date : 07/11/2012
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In 1978, the Black Sea, the charming town of Sycamore Akçakoca Pipe began operations relating to the trading of hair. Company founder Mr. Abdurrahman Çınar determined as a result of the current structure of the pipe and profile in the market continues to trade kavuşmuştur.Saç excess demand and the inability of industry, an important factor in the structuring of the company has been in this direction. Sycamore Pipe, the early years of 6500 m² closed area of ​​25.000 tons / year of production, while the result of smart investments today, 22 000 m² closed and 30.000 m² open for a total of 52 000 square meters area, with modern machines to 150,000 tons / year capable of manufacturing facilities in the region, and Turkey has become one of the leading pipe extrusion. Sycamore Pipe, quality, product variety and 24 years of experience in the overseas market due to the strength of the market has proved to Turkey. Exporting 5000 tons in 2001, the company at the end of 2005, 50% of sales in several European countries, including Britain and Germany, America, and the Middle East countries has become. Customer satisfaction Plane Pipe, at any time within the shipping group and the desired product ulaştırmaktadır.Devamlı growing domestic customers and protect its leadership in the sector Plane Pipe, Steel Service Centers serving the automotive and white goods sector aims to become the leading enterprise in between.

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