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From Date : 30/11/2012
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Celebrating Fifty years experience in Sawing, thermal cutting and gas distribution systems, SOITAAB is a leading CNC cutting machine and Band saw manufacturer. The company has strengthened its image in the market by focusing its attention on the operational aspects for all cutting issues, utilizing its highly specialized and qualified team for technological and design excellence. Producing innovative and a state-of-heart automated cutting machines for sheet metals and band saw machines thus offering different customized solutions to industry. SOITAAB boasts a high-quality after-sale service. SOITAAB is a well known product in almost all workshops, in the mechanical and metallurgical industry – its popularity is due both to its manual machines and to the legendary Sincolinea photocell-flame cutting machines, part of the history of the company. Moreover, SOITAAB constructs the largest operating band saw machines in the world. Today, SOITAAB’s corporate policy encompasses the entire cutting process as a fundamental mission. Its aim to enhance the flame, plasma, water, and laser cutting process along with the Band saw machines, by introducing several new automatic versions. In the last five years Soitaab’s market has significantly moved abroad into the export market. The share of turnover represented by the export rose to 60%, proving that today it is necessary to be competitive internationally. For sheet metal cutting our range includes : Lineacord PCN, Lineacord PCL, Plasma Expert, Thesys, Dualine, and the latest developed models, Over , Elite and Fiberline for cutting with fiber laser technology. For the Band saw machine the comprehensive range of horizontal and vertical machines satisfy all market production requirements.

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