Ssangyong Materials Corparation

North Korea
From Date : 30/11/2012
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Ssangyong Cement Industrial Co., Ltd. as a holding company of Ssangyong Business Conglomerate (Chaebol), since its establishment in 1962 with one of the world largest cement plants, has played a pivotal role in facilitating the nation's rapid industrialization. Ssangyong Materials Corporation has utilized its in-house technologies with expertise accumulated over 30 years through manufacturing experience of various materials. Now company has two main divisions, of which ferrite magnet division and fine ceramics division have already enjoyed good reputation from the world market with its high quality, reasonable prices, and on-time delivery since 1990 Ssangyong has produced strontium and barium ferrite magnets of all scopes and configurations. Ssangyong especially has a strong point in the production of arc magnet. Now company has 15 different material grades from 5 generation magnetic grades to 9 generation magnetic grades applied to the extremely high performance of motor. Also, Ssangyong has prominent technologies for the production of highly curved arc magnet. Through the above distinguished technologies of highest performances with complicated shapes, Ssangyong is able to ensure over 50 worldwide reputed customers including all of five world leading motor makers within very short period of time since production of arc magnets in 1995. Ssangyong's fine ceramics are advanced materials with the high technologies. Its advanced skill has been accumulated by long time experiences, continuous studies and applications to commercialization of new materials. All fundamental technologies began at the R&D Center of Ssangyong Cement Industrial Company, which was established early 1960 together with foundation of company. As a company, it is Ssangyong R&D Center which has conducted the study of the new materials for the first time in Korea. Also, Ssangyong has attained so many great achievements in the field of fine ceramics for industry. Ssangyong produces all scopes of fine ceramics containing materials for physically & chemically stable, heat-resistant, wear-resistant and thermal shock-resistant properties.

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