Strojirna - TYC

Czech Republic
From Date : 30/11/2012
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Strojírna Tyc, ltd. was established in the region with a long machine engineering tradition around the city of Pilsen in 1992. During the first years of its existence the company dealt solely in selling of used machine tools. However, that did not take a long time and in 1994 it began to provide also partial repairs of machine tools and consequently their complete overhauls as well, in order to be able to offer to its customers only machines with reliability performance warranty. Another step within the company development was the process of innovation and modernization of machine tools to improve their properties. Thereby, the production of machines with a higher standard of reliability and quality was started. Upgrading and partial alteration of machine VR 5 gave rise to the first gantry-type construction machines designated as FVP 50 CNC and that was in 1998.

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