Super Success Technology Corporation, Taiwan

From Date : 30/11/2012
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Super Success Technology Corporation (SSTC) is a leading manufacturer of drive and motor products over the years. SSTC motor systems cover the entire range of synchronous and asynchronous technology, including standard servo drive systems and servomotor and customized motor systems. Servo drive systems are an important part of industrial automation. SSTC has an elite R&D and production team for developing leading drive products that cover a variety of torque ranges and performance and voltage classes. Additionally, we have the advantage of low speed, stable high torque as well as high speed, low vibration drives. We offer a variety of functions, such as speed, torque, position controls, synchronous controls, etc. Finally, our resolution range is set from 65,536 to up to 4,000,000, so you can choose your best fit. We provide ISO 9001 & CE certified products, innovative systems, integrated solutions, and an extensive global service network. Our products are optimum adjusted for standard and customized industrial solutions that apply to semiconductors, testing and measuring equipment, automated assembly, machine tools, and manufacturing lines. To meet the challenge of increasing industry requirements, we continuously improve upon our products and are committed to a high value of satisfaction for our customers.

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