Tecnospiro Machine Tool, SL

From Date : 03/12/2012
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TECNOSPIRO MACHINE TOOL S.L., is a company linked to the Spiroide Group whose activity consists in the manufacture of precision gears and mechanical transmission mechanisms for the equipment manufacturing industry. We are located in the industrial park "Poligon Industrial Pla dels Vinyats" in the municipality of Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, very close to Manresa, in the province of Barcelona, occupying a plant area of 4,5000 sq.mtrs. with a staff of 58 employees, at level of industrial group. We are equipped with the best suited machinery for the manufacture of the most important components of our machines: CNC mechanisation centres, precision gear cutting machines for the modules (reducers), KLINGELNBERG gear control units, MAUSER testers, milling machines, etc. Our machines fulfil the European safety standards EN 292-1 and EN 292-2, as per the directive 89/392 and EN 60204-1 according do directive 89/336/CEE. Our constant research work within the field of mechanics has allowed us to design the product which is being hereinafter presented together with its genesis and development.

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