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His foreign minister yesterday in Algiers Turkey wants to double the volume of trade
Release Date : 2012-11-26
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The two foreign ministers discussed regional issues of the day. They converge on the majority of issues, including Palestine and Mali, this is not the case regarding the Syrian issue.
Turkish officials do not hide their desire to double the volume of trade between the two countries to move them four billion currently ten billion dollars. The head of Turkish diplomacy, Ahmet Davutoglu arrived yesterday in Algiers, agreed that the foreign exchange reserves of Algeria, and the five-year program of great interest to his country.
In a press conference held jointly with Mourad Medelci, the Turkish minister said that 160 Turkish companies were already present in Algeria, for a total investment estimated at one billion dollars. However, he emphasized the obstacles raised by Turkish businessmen, especially in regard to the procedure for issuing visas. The two countries agreed to reduce these proceedings pending the outright abolition of visas, as is the case with Tunisia, for example.
Another obstacle relates to aviation and maritime transport.
The two sides agreed to set up a working group at the level of Ministries of Transport to handle this problem, which could afford to miss a trade volume of more than ten billion dollars.
Although trade dominates the cooperation between the two countries, large-scale projects are underway in the image of the factory building materials based in Bethioua and will soon go into production, or needs constantly Turkey's growing energy.
Both parties want to expand their cooperation to other areas, particularly the fight against terrorism, military cooperation, including military industry, but also in the cultural field where the Turks showed great interest in the common heritage. That said, the two foreign ministers discussed regional issues of the day. They converge on the majority of issues, including Palestine and Mali, this is not the case regarding the Syrian issue. Mourad Medelci speaks of "the sensitivity of this issue for Turkey, due to its proximity, as is the Algerian sensitivity to what is the case in Mali, and before him, that of Libya."
For the head of Turkish diplomacy, the country will have shown patience and good will, but he considers that "it is very difficult to ask a regime that bombards its people by plane to negotiate." A kind of denial that the head of Algerian diplomacy had to express, saying he looked forward to the initiative should include in the coming days Lakhdar Brahimi.
Ahmet Davutoglu will further justifying the call of his country towards NATO to deploy a missile shield border with Syria, saying his country was concerned about his safety, especially after the incident of aircraft shot down Turkish and countless violations of its borders.
The two foreign ministers will, moreover, the opportunity to discuss this issue at their meetings, but especially in December when the Arab-Turkish Forum held in Istanbul.
But already the tone is on one side or the other, optimism about the future of bilateral cooperation.

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