Screw packing machine - ODM 300-V
Country : Turkey

Product Summary
Between 2500 Gr 20 Gr powder product packaging with the appropriate vertical packaging machine ....

Product Description


ODM 300 - V fluency fully automatic packaging of products from non-powder form is used. Generally, spices packaging machine, powder coffee packaging, milk powder packaging machine, mix flour packing machine, whipped cream packing machine, packaging machine, additives, pesticides and so on. used in the packaging of products in dust. Optionally, pillow packaging, makes fitting package and packaging Quatro packet types.
Filling System: Screw the dosing system
Packaged Products: Coffee, cream, milk powder, starch, red pepper flakes, chili powder, additives, pesticides, etc. powder products
Weight range: 20-2500 g.
Capacity :40-60 pk. / Min.
Package Width :70-250 mm.
Package Size: 80-340 mm.
Package Types: pillow pak. pak sitting. pak quatro.
Machine Dimensions: 180 x 200 x 310 cm.
Weight: 1150 Kg.
Packing Material: OPP, CPP, PET, AL. and other laminated film or polyethylene
Electrical Requirements: 5.00 Kw / h / 3x380 Volt AC / N / PE
Air consumption 6 bar / 300 - l. / Min.
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