Enma Turizm Tic. Ltd .Şti

Fishing Boats-ENMA 490 NORDIC
Country : Turkey

Product Summary
A boat, three models, rational design ...

Product Description


Standard Accessories:
Non-slip deck with floor, large-volume Anchor Cabinet and Cover, Lid Hinges and bindings, Nose Tank and cover, Rear storage area, and the cover, Integrated Hyd neutrophil Feature, Complete Seating Area, Ram Horn 3-Piece, MIC oz, Double Decker Body Structure. White Body Color, Body Stickers, SELF DRAIN system (irrespective of the deck to the sea from the pools of water in bilge discharge system)
Optional Accessories:
Body Jelkod Color (Burgundy, Dark Blue), Winter Canvas, Sun awning, trailer, anchor, anchor rope, Chain, Ladder, Ski Iron, steel pulpit, Steering Console, Console Handle Chrome and Plexi Glass, Table, Battery, UV Resistance Resistant to sunlight United States Marine Upholstery Group, Fish Livar, Central Living Cabinet
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