Scissor Platforms
Country : Turkey

Product Summary
Scissor lifts do not require much height, but more workspace and lifting capacity of more serious work to be used. These larger business platform, and the staff of amplifiers are designed to handle heavier loads. Boom lifts, scissor lifts move the technique of maneuver, but only vertically lifting platforms. Which may be required in accordance with the models of the human power of self-walker models produced next to the battery.

Product Description

Scissor Lifts Product Features: Maintenance-free bearing system platform, 380/220 V AC outlet entry are moving during operation above 380/220 V AC outlet outlet are moving forklift and crane control panels can be installed manually foot emergency stop button system safe and secure electrical and hydraulic system Adjustable boom safety valves that prevent the free fall speed of the upgrade hose Ground floor suitable platform electro-hydraulic control facilities in each tire special guarantee for two years.

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