Koska Mahir Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

From Date : 01/09/2012
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In 1907, was founded by religious pilgrims Fair KOSKA Halva and activities has been successful. Traditional Turkish sweet art products in domestic and foreign markets, and great great satisfaction submission. Koska products are exported to countries in the whole world today. Modern Koska plants, the food industry is working with the most advanced technologies. Koska developing technology era, combined with the ability to create flavor. Advanced systems of the food industry can be produced in modern facilities Koska secret of success lies in the application of modern technology with traditional Turkish art. Traditional Turkish dessert Sanat Koska carefully perpetuated on. Today's masters masters Koska them on educated. Koska generations live in quality and taste. Koska 'grows in the core elements of modern systems, packaged products carefully produced and presented to the customer in a healthy way. Koska created by the superior flavor, it retains its packaging. Koska of foodstuffs produced in modern facilities, are exported all over the world. Koska a delicacy sought after products in the world market. Millions of people who speak a variety of languages ​​"KOSKA the word" knows and trusts.

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