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Concrete Pump manufacturer in the world for many years under the license of an important sub-industry service companies in Turkey who had engaged in installation engineering firm with OM, again worked together for many years on this issue and Turkey Truck Mounted Concrete Pump has produced over 1000 images; their sales, service and spare parts services for engineers and technical personnel who have fulfilled the established? 0 is a company with the Turkish capital. STAR CONCRETE area of ​​55 000 m2 Production Facility based in Izmir Turkey and the world market for bagged Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps, Fixed (towed type), concrete pumps, truck-mounted concrete pumps and timing Booms are produced towed type. Also from the same region covers the area of ​​11 000 m2 of factory jobs in the steel processing are performed. STAR CONCRETE After Sales Technical Services Department, the service network spread across all regions of Turkey with a 7/24 provides support for after-sales service to all our customers in the fastest way. Concrete star Spare Parts Department to all customers at home and abroad, offers affordable rates for high quality spare parts quickly. New products, new businesses and new geographies 'World Brand' STAR CONCRETE MACHINERY way to becoming knowledge, experience in production, sales and marketing experience • Standard equipment with high performance • Competitive prices • Active • Wide and adequate spare parts for after-sales service and timely delivery • 12 months warranty • CE, ISO 9001, GOST-R, U-SEPRO documents with the aim to move all over the world.
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