Bulut Su Arıtım Ltd. Şti.

From Date : 25/08/2012
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Since 1999 to this day,'' SU'' on the source of life, production, sales and marketing activities. The annual technical service of sales and marketing services, including waste water treatment systems, rental method can provide an alternative to the customers.
Turkey pre-treatment of raw water from water-related sectors is turned into ultra-pure water until the technically mic.S.cm. 7000 Starting from the technology could reach 18.3 M.ohm water quality and different capacities to produce and process projected device, perform the installation of current and new technologies to deliver solutions to market in Turkey has become a company with partners.
However, the existing environmental technologies in the section dealing with waste, Cloud Water Treatment Systems in the area of ​​innovation and technological change all acts aim to provide market in Turkey and Turkey continues to work with partners of different solutions.
Systems sells and sold devices provide on-site technical service in Turkey. For ten years, drinking water and wastewater treatment systems in Turkey, serves the sales and technical service.
Work, scientific research and training in universities, business partners carefully choose which. Rigorous demands of universities, responded to the understanding of high-quality service. The advantage of being a producer and widespread customer with the best technical service network, claims to offer the most affordable price.
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