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From Date : 05/10/2012
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Was founded in 1977 as a workshop cast jewelers contract. In the early 1980s in Turkey and overseas markets with the opening of the rapid development of jewelry industry, jewelry casting machines and equipment started to produce in 1983 a corporation. To date, twenty countries export realized. Technical Castings, machinery and equipment sector, diversifying the machines are manufactured to meet the needs of diversifying an agency agreements with many foreign firms. Jewelry casting seminar held in 1987 for the first time in Turkey and continues to the present day seminars, education and training activities contributed to the development of Turkish jewelry. Aside from the private sector, many universities, vocational schools and public institutions, Jewelry Design workshops were set up and operate. Thus, Turkey's leading company in the field of happened. Manufacture of metal detectors at the end of 1996, one of the world's most well-known brands in the Italian CEIA distributor company in Turkey in 1997, the Technical Casting production of X-ray baggage control devices Smiths-Heimann world's leading companies in the German representative in Turkey was starting to work with the company. Company for a long time Heimann X-Ray Baggage Control Systems, Smiths Dedection company, Narcotics Explosives Trace Detectors, Chemical Threat Analysis detectors, Ceia firm, Door and Hand-Held Metal Detectors, Miner Search detectors, all kinds of security devices, sales, installation and maintenance continues. Thus, safely reached 20 years in the jewelry industry leadership positions created, the security industry has achieved in a very short period of time. In addition, Technical casting company, too far for Airports sizes, shapes, conveyors and all other compatible devices can be combined, Drives Straight rollers, Motorized Cart Conveyor Systems, Motorized Belt Conveyors manufactures ramp. Currently, more than 60 employees, 10 engineers, factory (1000 sqm), a permanent exhibition hall (550 m²), office (550 m²), technical services (160 m²), storage (500 m²), as well as two stores in clients with high quality and reliable service is happy to take them.

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