Asken Redüktör Dökümcülük Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

From Date : 05/10/2012
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Aske in 1980, was established on the initiative of Mechanical Engineer Saip Boz is still a personal die-casting aluminum, bronze and brass castings and machining continues to operate on. Aske running until 2000, mainly in the automotive industry, BMC trucks, minibuses and buses parts, construction machinery parts of Çukurova State Railways wagon parts, spare parts for the defense industry, export oriented (GHH-RAND/Almanya and Ingersoll-Rand/ABD) various compressor parts and has successfully carried out many similar productions, and still carries lightweight metal parts ... Aluminum die casting, especially with the knowledge and experience of announcing the name of the Aske, light metal products in line with global developments in this field have led the entire weight of importance in Turkey would win. In 1998, for the manufacture of mold CAD / CAM investment a company can make your own patterns Aske, which has become, since 2000, the design of helical-worm gear units with aluminum body's own production of which began to prepare for. In 2001, the market continued to see interest and demand on gear expectations have decided to increase its activities in this field in our country and the lack of the aluminum-bodied, high in bonds and high-torque gear Research - Development accelerated its efforts. Helical-worm gear units offered to the market in early 2005 with a first realization proud to live in this area .. c

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