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From Date : 05/10/2012
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Our company started production in 1988, Mehmet Ali Öztürk, two small machine,. Since the day of its establishment, the goals for the development without compromising quality and service on the plastic blow molding industry has reached upper levels of quality and hygiene standards. Until 1998, our company is engaged in the production of cologne and cosmetic packaging industry at that time, in the light of the philosophy of total quality at the level of advanced technology infrastructure, creating little in our country, the "COEX" and "pet machines" has invested. The pinnacle of plastic blow molding industry "Coex" consisted of three layers, the bottom layer of the liquid healthy and long shelf life thanks to polyamide used to make. The product is to be minimized due to the oxygen permeability of the agricultural pesticide has become indispensable. 30 liters up to 50 cc of facilities "coex" bottles, as well as the covers are manufactured in plastic injection due course. Focused on the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, plastic packaging industry is very cautious about the future-oriented studies, the number of more than 400 types of our products, our customers' confidence in us and serving more than 20 years experience in the industry. Understanding of the current age of modern business, strong on quality equipment and experienced staff, our customers and with you. Our goal is to aiming the continuous development and success with the team spirit, the Turkish plastics industry in line with evolving technology offers the highest quality and affordable products. All thanks to your confidence ...

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