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From Date : 05/10/2012
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Robust metal mold steel used in the construction of the mold since 1997, mainly copper and aluminum alloys, with 300 years of history of Europe's largest steel producers by importing company Dörrenberg Edelstahl offers the use of molds and machinery sector. Realized the import of steel products, cold work tool steels, plastic mold steels, hot work tool steels, high speed steels, stainless steels and abrasion-resistant panels can be listed as. Non-ferrous materials are mold, aluminum alloys, copper alloys and aluminum bronzlarından consists of hard. In order to start the production of the imported copper alloys, on August 30, 2005 Gebze Şekerpınar 'factory, which launched its sturdy metal or copper alloy, 1650 m² production plant with 600 tons of annual capacity of production of the factory, 30% of exports 70% of the domestic market are offered. Fully Rugged Metal was established with domestic capital, the central branch today employs more than 90 people, including nine branches and imports of tool steels and took its place among the leading companies in the sector.

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