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From Date : 05/10/2012
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4C Engineering, founded in 1998, Sadat Saving recognized by the Turkey market yet, even in the relatively new high-tech products globally Turkey was established to promote and ensure widespread use over time. 4C Engineering, blocked the development of our country and the development process could be overcome by producing high technology, new designs and branding to compete in the world market can be used as the main weapon, educated people believed that the greatest power. A short period of seven years, our country gained technologies, as a result of cooperation with universities and trained many of his students, their way of changing up and down the manufacturing techniques of manufacturing companies, industrial competition has led to the dictates of the global boundaries. 4C introduced the Rapid Prototyping Systems Engineering, Turkey market and developed with 3-D Jewelry Design Jewelry Sector Turkey settled in the top three in the world rankings as the volume of production. In the field of jewelry, Turkey market today, a wide variety of products with higher quality and more affordable jewelry is one of the world's most advanced market in the first quarter. Again, 4C Engineering, Rapid Prototyping with the Turkish jewelry export to the world rankings the top two substantial contribution to the Turkish economy was moving. Continue to use all means at his disposal to enlarge this contribution. 4C Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Jewellery, Medical and Industrial Design, Design Education and more than 200 in the same day and continuously provide customers with technical support from the most intensive knowledge and experience in their field, in Turkey as a result of a natural Rapid Prototyping Systems has the largest share of the market. 4C Engineering continues to provide the same services in the global market.

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