Naksan Plastik ve Enerji San. ve Tic. A.Ş

From Date : 08/10/2012
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Sih 1940, founded by Mehmet Nakıboğlu Nakıboğlu family began to trade with wholesale attariye and hardware stores, the plastics industry began to spread around the world in the 1960s, starting at the same store marketing Polyethylene Film and Greenhouse Cover the area of ​​activity of the company took the first step today. Increasing demands, continued its activities in 1979 as a manufacturer of plastic packaging started to provide services in the field of Naksan Plastik, activities 330 000 per m2 for a total of 200 000 m2 covered area continues. Industrial, agricultural, service, location, industry-leading supplier of all sectors Naksan Plastic, running companies, irrespective of the scale principle to maintain the same quality and service concept. Both at home and abroad, the company's most important supplier of many Naksan Plastic, the operation is not only the production, post-production has been organized to provide an understanding of excellence in all the services. As a manufacturer of high environmental sensitivity, precision, to fulfill all the responsibilities incumbent upon the principle of Naksan, is a member of a Çevko. Since its establishment, engaged in their own eco-friendly recycling company in 2006, Biodegradable products are dissolved in a very short time in nature, has been awarded with the Gold Package. Naksan Plastic, the location of the responsibility of carrying out their work with dedication, and commitment to the stability and condition in any period without compromising quality. Production, distribution, marketing, sales organization structure containing a combination of all the elements working in synergy and valuable collaborations, Naksan Plastic proud that in the future, it is committed to take part in the top of the table.

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