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From Date : 09/10/2012
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Our company Aybal Plastic Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.. sti. currently operates under the name of Xinjiang in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone was established in 2002. Roll of polyethylene plastic film industry, which contribute to the Turkish economy by producing Aybal plastic bags;'s 10th standards laid down in the front of the catch, after the use of technology innovation and development principle. Production in the country and abroad with our esteemed customers to keep the environment clean, the main goal is to make the environment livable. Us to continue improving our products, as well as in produc-quality standards of our customers by delivering the services on time and in a healthy manner strive to demonstrate our difference. We are making the production of roll garbage bags (infected waste bags, packaging and domestic waste bags), freezer bags, deli bags and shopping bags Aybak Plast, Birpack and Plenty brands provide the market through dealership. National base in every region of the country, as well as our own brands and serving our esteemed customers, brands also produce special products. In addition, Germany, Greece, Romania, Spain, Iraq, Georgia, as well as export to Asian and European countries. Our company constantly increases the capacity of the structure without compromising on quality. This corollary to progress towards becoming a sought-after and admired the manufacturer. Our company has adopted the minimum standards required by industry has been certified on these standards. However, the documentation related to "Certificates" link can be used. In addition, due to environmental volunteer Aybal a firm plastic, Çevko member. Our company, "QUALITY are our future" is always with the understanding of our customers' requirement, desires, and expectations of the appropriate standard of products and service. Quality, easy to reach.

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