Nurpet Makina Sanayi Ve Dış Tic Ltd. Şti.

From Date : 09/10/2012
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NURPET, food industry, pet bottles, pet jars and was established as a company producing pet preforms. An entity is a company into an innovative and constantly evolving. Our experienced team has created an ever-evolving technical office. Cooperation with the manufacturers of raw materials, experience and knowledge, technical office design and new technology has given its ability to produce appropriate solutions to customers' demands. From the first day of development strength pet bottles, pet jars and pet preform production concentrated. Our goal is to get our products superior surface quality and transparency. Design and manufacturing high precision to ensure better performance and less energy consumption. The evolving pet industry, the technical staff, the quality thanks to our sense of self-renewing capabilities and technology in an organization is to have a voice in the international market.

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