Mespa Sağlık Malz. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

From Date : 29/08/2012
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Mespa Health A.Ş great leap forward a well-known industrial company, referred to by the name of quality, meet all the needs of patients and HCWs bi brand that makes this philosophy.
"More to respond to the expectations of patients and customers," the company offering wide range of products ranging from stainless steel in accordance with the principles beds Mespa a reliable solution partner of more than 25 countries.
Production line with advanced technology, strict quality control, all in the field of science and R & D aware of the needs of the sector with its expert staff MESPA, able to respond quickly to changing demands regional, hospital equipment, a pioneer in manufacturing enterprise. Extensive customer relations and after-sales services, this property is next to the Mespa 'acquired during the 14-year activity is another important factor behind the success of the global ...
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