Paksoy Tic. ve San. A.Ş

From Date : 29/08/2012
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Paksoy was established in 1951 in Adana, soap and cooking oil to produce, and soon became one of the leading companies in the sector. Today, more than half a century of experience and reputation in Turkey and abroad rightly proud of. Paksoy, 105,000 m 2 in an area of ​​90,000 m2 covered area in the vegetable oil, margarine, soap powder produces biodiesel and pure s. Paksoy modern and integrated plant margarine, corn oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, and canola oil, industrial oils and lubricants for fast food industry, soap powder, and produces biodiesel. Facility, cans, plastic bottles and bulk loading equipped. Production unit also includes auxiliary production facilities. By-products of oxygen, hydrogen, soy flour and there are lecithin. In addition to domestic sales, Paksoy products have been exported to over three continents so far. United States, Russia, North African countries, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Romania, some of the countries Paksoy products are exported.

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