Pınar Süt Mamülleri San. A.Ş

From Date : 29/08/2012
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Since it was founded in 1973, and in the food industry is the leader on the choice of consumers PINAR quality, milk, meat, aquatic product range to meet the needs of different consumer products, a brand with a wide range of products. PINAR who closely follow the world trends, continues its leadership in many product range. Always been in the food industry firsts introduced PINAR Turkey. Yasar Holding Food and Beverage Group, Pinar Sut, Pınar Et, Yasar United Marketing, Çamlı Feed Fattening, Spring Water, and Pınar Foods companies, employees and operates more than 4 thousand. The country's economy increasingly competitive environment, companies need to create strong brands to make more important than ever. Be the preferred brand by the consumer, to ensure sustainable profitability and open up international markets to fulfill the requirements for being able to brand. Directing the work of consumer-oriented PINAR never compromising on quality, and its infinitely reassuring consumers. Since its foundation, consumer health, taste, innovation, offering products that are the source of spring, fountain of life for millions of people for generations as a'' was''. This is the fountain of life, based on three main components underlying born, grew up, flourished:'' Health, Taste and Innovation ...'' PINAR, Turkey is the first brand that put the concept of healthy milk and milk products. Turkey's growing variety of "Innovation", "health", "Taste" and "River of Life" strives to be. PINAR, milk, meat, water and so on. products not only domestic consumption, the world's major products are exported to countries as a group of "World Brand" is rapidly becoming. PINAR 'confidence in a Middle Eastern countries has not only within the borders of Turkey, Turkic Republics, Germany, Romania and so on. many countries, such as overflowed. After the first activity being the most important criteria for a successful brand entered a new brand identity in the fields carry the same consistency and diversified products to reflect the brand's public image. Pinar born as a brand of milk and milk products, made many firsts in different areas of the food industry in the meantime. The first healthy long life milk, the first ready-mayonnaise, cream cheese first, the first frozen meat products, the first packaged turkey products packaged water is irreversible, and the first offering Turkish people Pinar Pinar each member of the wide range of products under the umbrella of the image to be noted and the total kept zooming in on the image of the brand. Kalder is made by analyzing the competition held in Turkey and Turkey, Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (TMME) study, conducted in 2009, according to surveys of milk and meat category PINAR customer satisfaction has been the first sector.

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