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According to a study prepared by a firm Frankfurt
Release Date : 2012-10-17
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"The lackluster growth in Europe will lead to new foreign direct investment in Turkey, now flourishing, making indispensable nation in the long-term strategy of European companies," said a market study by a consulting firm Frankfurt. While the euro area growth is down, the Turkish economy has something to envy of the euro area. GDP has grown by 5.4% per year on average over the past decade. Public debt has fallen below 40% of GDP, well below that of most European countries, and inflation, rampant long, is now under control, says the same source. With a population of 74 million people, more than 60% are less than 35 years and whose purchasing power rises every year, the country has huge needs in the areas of infrastructure, energy, automotive and financial services. All areas where German companies excellent. Also, on some 30,000 foreign firms in Turkey, nearly 5,000 are of German origin, according to the Chamber of Commerce German-Turkish Istanbul. Just last year, 534 new businesses with capital across the Rhine were created in the country, an increase of 14% over one year. "Many German companies are already present in the country for a long time, but new subsidiaries or joint ventures fall" to the chamber of commerce, a sign that they are expanding their activities on site, is Ralph Jager, vice president chamber and CFO of RWE Turkey. RWE is the number two German energy. Germany is the largest trading partner of Turkey, accounting for 10.3% of its exports and representing 9.5% of its imports, according to 2011 statistics from the state agency for economic development Germany Trade & Invest. Many Turks have settled in Germany since the 1960s to find work and now form the first community of immigrant origin countries, about 3 million people. Also, the employees and managers of German companies on site are often trained in Germany Turks or Germans of Turkish origin, including bilingualism and knowledge of both cultures are appreciated, is the representative of the room

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