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Taiwan high-speed rail network in the whole country, knitting
Release Date : 2012-11-13
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TAIPEI - Taiwan, accelerated the purchase of high-speed train. The first of the four trains reaching Japan, the country in early 2013.
Taiwan railway investments made ​​in recent years is remarkable. In recent years, the agreement with Japan, Taiwan will purchase up to 228.2 million dollars the amount of four high-speed train. These trains consists of 48 wagons. Especially in high-speed trains MIOL, Changhua and Yunlin stations scheduled to open in 2015, will be used in the provinces.
Taiwan High Speed ​​Railways (THSRC) is currently 30 trains, each consisting of 12 wagons there. 120 thousand people per day traveling on trains. This number was 140 thousand, is on weekends.
On the other hand, reported that the deal will be completed in 2016 within the 4 train.

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