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Zimbabwe diamond haul
Release Date : 2012-11-13
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OHANNESBURG - Zimbabwe's Marange mine, allegedly stolen diamonds worth millions of dollars in the last 4 years. Partnership Africa Canada (PAC), the group said in a statement, diamond theft took place in Zimbabwe in recent years, "the biggest robbery in British colonial after the pillage" the report said.
PAC report, the looting Marange'de Zimbabwe government officials, international and local collaborators precious stone dealers underlined that they are rich. PACs, "What goes around comes around: Zimbabwe Marange Diamond Mine Greed and Corruption"'s report, the government organized by the Victorian Waterfall "Diamond Trading Conference taken into consideration in matching, did not.
Zimbabwean officials on the other hand, denied the theft. Investigate the source of the diamond, the international diamond trade in order to prevent the flow of terrorist financing watching "Kimberley Process", in 2011 lifted the embargo on Zimbabwe to trade in precious stones.
Zimbabwe's Marange mine, one of the world's most profitable mines was obtained. Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF'nin control of the mining industry.

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