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Honor the Palestinian Forum International Business
Release Date : 2012-11-15
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That invites you to attend the Third International Conference held in Tunis
Under the auspices of His Excellency the Prime Minister of Tunisia, Mr. "Hamadi Jebali"
Between December 8 to 9 next
1500 businessmen from around the world
"Book your place before it's too late"
Duty businessman towards Jerusalem and Palestine Mahtllh
Participate in and support our people in Palestine economically to stand firm on
Their land and the establishment of projects that provide them with job opportunities
Acquaintance between businessmen and discuss opportunities for cooperation, including
Investment opportunities in Tunisia, the country's first Arab Spring
Vale of meeting you by Allah in the Green Tunisia
Greetings and propaganda you
M. Jamal Khuraim - Turkey
Member of the Board of Directors of the Palestine International Business Forum - London-based
www.pbfconference.com To subscribe, please enter the site

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