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Sabanci aspire to the third airport
Release Date : 2012-11-17
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ISTANBUL - Kurtul Sabancı Holding CEO, the CEO decided after the first private interview with CNBC-e.
Lose said: "In the coming period, we can further partnerships. So far, We have partnered with foreign companies. Coming period may partner with Turkish companies. Recent projects, privatization projects. Example, we will be looking at the third tender for the airport.
Profitable growth is important to us. Exhibited a better performance in terms of profitability in the last quarter. There is a trend upwards. Profit margin increased in the last quarter. We found 6 results are slightly better than the last quarter of our line of business. Banking is particularly good. One reason for this economic conditions, interest rates decline, the market recovery, the recovery in growth in recent months. Investments in the energy business started to get better results enter the start. Profit will be parallel to the end of the year last year, will reach a level of maybe a little more.

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