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Spring Algeria Es Gone
Release Date : 2012-12-24
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Approximately 1.5 years after the start of the spring winds blowing from the Arab world and in the process passed in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya was overthrown by the peoples of the Arab authoritarian regimes. What a beautiful Arab word that summarizes this process: "Rebî'u'l Arab, Harîfu'r Rüesâ". So the Arab peoples (first) began to live in the spring of heads of state in the last (spring) dökülüyorlar lives and almost one at a time, such as defoliation. In this context, before the May 10 parliamentary elections in 2012, all eyes turned to Algeria condition. Because Algeria, in the framework of the Arab spring events were rated as one of the countries most likely to spread. North Africa, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, Algeria, the leap was limited to the Arab spring? Cause serious expectations in mind-this question was related to the elections in Algeria.
However, the spring winds Algeria's how he maintains the last 1.5 years (!) Is also important. Starting in January 2011 in order to prevent demonstrations protesting the high cost of living and corruption (as distinct from Syria, Bashar al-Asad), a series of reforms were announced in the program tried to placate the public. So what this program included reforms? First of all, the state of emergency which has continued since the 1992 military coup removed, public and non-governmental organizations, demands for reform rested and in a transparent and democratic parliamentary elections to be held May 10 was declared underlined. (In fact, this emphasis on whether a confession earlier democratic and transparent elections.) Political parties law, election law, local government law, law and civil society, the organization of meetings and demonstrations, such as arrangements have been made concerning the rearrangement of basic public and social rights. However, as expressed by the representatives of the opposition party in Algeria police-state as long as the understanding of these regulations will be obvious on paper.
Despite the reforms promised expansions May 10 I found the opportunity to observe the selection of the atmosphere in Algeria did not have any choice. What election excitement, what banners, flags, nor the open-air meetings. Participation in meetings was very low, even indoors. Even a very small number of parties participating in the election posters on billboards public was meeting the capital Algiers. But considering the number of observers were invited to the country President Abdelaziz Bouteflika said to consume to great lengths to make the selection in a transparent manner. The European Union, the Arab League, the African Union and the Islamic Cooperation Organization (IIT), about 600 observers from international organizations, such as was used for this selection. (IITs election in Algeria has been the first choice observed in a comprehensive manner. Activation function of monitoring elections in the coming years, IIT will positively affect democratization in the Islamic world). However, a strict observer delegations in Algeria should be noted that the follow-up of the police-intelligence.
Political parties in Algeria with the law, regulations, has been a significant increase in the number of parties and parties established in the last two months, with a total of 46 parties participated in the election. However, the parties are referenced din in at least some of the new parties party of collusion and power is thus intended to split Rating is expressed by the leading opposition. All this is carried out without a hitch despite claims to the May 10 elections, said that big. Locking padlock locks instead of ballot boxes sealed Only if some of the questions considered during the voting that is not exactly a political and military pressure.
The biggest problem is the relatively low participation in the May 10 elections. The participation rate of 35% in the 2007 elections took place in 42% of these elections were announced. Some opposition parties also mentions the rates as low as 18%, according to election observers considered to be a common participation rate was around 30%. In addition to being a very important part of the low turnout, voters and political distrust of the regime blank to vote göstergeydi the most important crisis of confidence. The most important factor to be considered on the results of the election of the participation rate is low and very high incidence of empty voting. We must stress that at this point of the civil war started in 1992 and the subsequent coup to 200,000 human lives near the existing deep structure of the state and the country to exhibit and desperate people are led to an apolitical stance. For this reason, in spite of recent reforms, before the election that the opposition parties a

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