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Release Date : 2012-08-10
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VITAJUS is a private company created by the Algerian brothers Belfar, the Company manufactures fruit juices, it satisfies a broad customer base (hotels, restaurants, cafes, ...) and the general public.
The history of VITAJUS spans several years. It started with the fruit juice packaging by sterile cardboard, aseptic packages of 1 liter and 20cl briquettes with a variety of 10 flavors, which permissent the company to take off with the acquisition of 5 new production lines for bottling in glass mini-jars of 25 cl and 1 liter carafes.
Its purpose is for the manufacture and distribution of fruit juices including:
The 100% pure juice
Fruit juices from concentrate fruit.
Fruit drinks.
These are diffrérente juice in packings of types:
Pack of 1 liter - Tetra Pak aseptic.
Pack of 1.5 liters - aseptic Tetra Pak.
Briquette 20 cl (MID) - aseptic Tetra pack.
Carafe - Clear glass bottle of a liter.

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