Airfel A.Ş

Digifel Premix Combi Boilers
Country : Turkey

Product Summary
Digifel Premix Combi Boilers

Product Description

»30 kW thermal capacity» Premix (pre-mixed) with the complete combustion burner technology »108% up to high yield (according to EN 677)» about 20% of the annual fuel savings »Stainless steel heat exchanger»% due to the frequency-controlled fan 15 - 100% stepless modulation »Works with frequency-controlled pump» *** hot water comfort according to EN 13203'e »NOx class 5» Flue gas environment friendly with low emissions »diagnostic and safety systems» cascade up to 10 devices with the possibility of application of the first in Turkey »compatible with the operation of solar energy» Boiler Works with (optional) »outside temperature sensor with integrated work (optional)» Room thermostat with integrated work (optional) »specially designed for the visually impaired and elderly family members use the control panel embossed

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